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What are the graniglia and the cementina (also called pastina)

a product obtained by mixing thin fragments of natural marble and marble powders mixed with cement and natural oxides.
a product obtained by a much thinner grinding of marble and then mixing it with hydraulic binders and natural oxides. Generally, this product displays slight differences in shades in the same monochrome tile, and irregular geometric shapes in the decoration. All this is not a flaw, but the sign of remarkable dexterity and a distinctive feature of the product.

The production

Many years have passed since the first Fogazza craftsmen produced the tiles totally by hand, but many of the artisanal production stages still follow the then same steps. Modern technology helps, surely, our craftsmen, but the skill and experience always remain fundamental characteristics to create a quality product.
The industrial production has been added to that classic, and using specific machineries we are able to produce quality tiles, whose production process is constantly followed by skilled workers.

Graniglia e cementina Fogazza

Advantages of graniglia Fogazza

Fogazza tiles are all monolayer, this allows to obtain a thickness of the tile of just 13 mm. In addition, the decoration is present throughout the thickness making it possible to numerous sanding without the risk of disappearing the decoration.
The tile is characterized by a low absorption that makes it perfect even for environments such as the bathroom and the kitchen. Its structure makes it very resistant over time and thanks to the wide choice of decorations, it is possible to adapt it to any classic or modern style.
The available formats are numerous, satisfying all installation needs.
The elements used in the production are all natural, making our collections environmentally friendly.

Format available

  • 10x10x1,3 cm

  • 10x20x1,3 cm

  • 20x20x1,3 cm

  • 25x25x1,4 cm

  • ESAGONO 11,6x11,6x1,6 cm

  • ESAGONO 20x20x1,8 cm

La produzione artigianale
La produzione industriale delle marmette FOgazza