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Tradition and innovation since 1905

Our long history has marked out a road that we want to continue go along, carrying on the values that the first Fogazza generation had clear when, in 1905, began their activities: product quality and craftsmanship which make unique the creations and innovation.

Today the new generation Fogazza interprets historical values, adapting them to modern times and focusing on the balance between tradition and  innovation, which are perfectly wedded in our collections, suitable for classic and modern environments.

The company is constantly evolving and looking for new materials to be used by combining them with the traditional concrete grit; our laboratory and our designers continually experience new products and new designs that can meet the tastes and follow the latest market trends.

Classic collections.
To experience the present with the desire to stop time, seeking a nostalgic, retro style to be reinvented and updated every time. The MILLENNIUM line is dedicated to those who want to make their home a work of art to enjoy, for those seeking the minutest care for detail. Unique tiles, handcrafted products in Liberty style, the work of skilled hands of master artists who still craft their works following the techniques in vogue at the beginning of the century.

The pleasure of classic simplicity.
The pleasure of classic simplicity, the taste of decorating the home, using only the power of colour. A warm, vintage material like graniglia, or the pure compactness of pastina to warm up the living space. The TINTA UNITA collection is pure colour, like the monochrome design of a stage where the only protagonists are the furnishings of the home.

Modern collections.
Current trends, fashion and design as the source of inspiration to personalise your home with a gritty look. The ATLANTIS line offers new patterns, the brilliant insight of designers, simple lines and geometric elements that fill up with colours. Contemporaneity and modernity for a young line that combines innovative trends and practical needs.

New decorative languages.
CONTEMPORANEA is an experience that represents the search for new decorative languages for traditional materials which are capable of expressing the latest deve- lopments in contemporary interior design. The collection traces a path of unique chromatic motifs, modern designs and material combinations, and comprises five decorative families that blend tradition and innovation.

Products for the kitchen and bathroom.
The OLYMPIA offers products for the kitchen and bathroom that express a perfect balance between beauty and practicality.

Outdoor collections.
The line MONOGARDEN is a highly durable, well designed study to furnish terraces and outdoor spaces.

Elegant finishing.
The ACCESSORI are items in graniglia that complete your projects, baseboards, frames, stair treads that add the finishing touch to your creations.

Printed concrete floors.
The Fogaprint outdoor collection consists of printed concrete floors. Using a modern molding technique in progress, you can perfectly reproduce the appearance of floors made of stones or wood or decorations.