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CONTEMPORANEA is the new collection from Fogazza for 2017. It is an experience that represents the search for new decora- tive languages for traditional materials which are capable of expressing the latest deve- lopments in contemporary interior design. The collection traces a path of unique chromatic motifs, modern designs and material combinations, and comprises five decorative families that blend tradition and innovation. TERRAZZO and TERRADECOR use monochrome and decorated graniglia, TERRAWOOD is a blend of graniglia and wood, PALLADIANA revives traditional marble powder and is a blend of coloured graniglia and icy Carrara marble, and lastly the WALL range of textural coatings. The CONTEMPORANEA collection is a new approach to the concept of décor, employing innovative techniques with numerically controlled etching. It is possible to manufacture our products in finishes Honed (LV) Antique (AK) Polished (LCD).